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Connexion : Suivez ces étapes faciles :

  • Étape 1. Allez à la page de connexion de Discord Connexion Rtc via le lien officiel ci-dessous.
  • Etape 2. Connectez-vous en utilisant votre nom d’utilisateur et votre mot de passe.
  • Etape 3. L’écran de connexion apparaît lorsque la connexion est réussie.
  • Etape 4. Si vous ne pouvez toujours pas accéder à Discord Connexion Rtc, consultez les options de dépannage ou contactez-nous pour plus d’assistance.

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How to fix ‘RTC connecting’ in discord? | GeekDroids

Discord uses RTC or real-time chat service to provide the ability to chat with other users but if it is stuck on connecting then you won’t be able to voice chat with your friends. There could problems in your network or your discord settings could have been misconfigured or your firewall might be blocking discord connections.

How to fix Discord Stuck on ‘RTC Connecting’ – Read …

1‏‏/12‏‏/2020 · Sometimes, Discord users meet a roadblock where they cannot establish a connection. The service continues saying ‘RTC Connecting’ without making any real progress, thereby keeping you from joining a real-time voice chat. ‘RTC Connecting means’ that the platform is trying to start a voice call.

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Discord RTC Connecting/no route error [FIX] 2020 – …

14‏‏/9‏‏/2020 · i am going to give you three solutions to fix RTC Connecting/no route error in discord…..so watch entire videoplease if you like the video then click on l…

RTC Connecting Discord – Troubleshooting Guide – …

Step 2: Click the green “Start” button at the top of the page to start the test. The process generally will take between 1-3 minutes. Step 3: Look for any errors found during the test to see if you can troubleshoot and fix them. Conclusion. Fixing your RTC Connecting will give you a more stable connection when talking to your allied through the Discord app.

How To Fix Rtc Connecting Discord Error? – Discord

Many gamers face the issue of RTC connecting discord issue in their discord app, for so many times. For this, we have collected so much data related to the issue of rtc connecting and I am very sure that this will help. Rtc connecting issue is related to voice and it will not be able to connect you to the sound.

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Discord RTC Connecting: Solve Issue With Easy Steps

29‏‏/6‏‏/2020 · Step 5: After that click on the CONNECTION option and then click on the LAN setting. Step 6: Now, Uncheck the box that is showing below the PROXY SERVERname. Step 7: Done. Final Words: Solve Discord RTC Connecting. These are the methods that you can use to solve the discord RTC connecting error

Fix Discord RTC Connecting – YouTube

4‏‏/3‏‏/2018 · Fix Discord Loop https://youtu.be/TKRbAQjJSIk—–មានលក់Game PUBGក្នុងតម្លៃ …

Voice Connection Errors – Discord

Voice connection issues can be a bit frustrating to try to solve on your own. We have a few quick tips for you to try if you’re having issues connecting to voice! Types of errors. There are a few different errors you’ll see if you’re failing to connect to voice: ICE Checking; No Route; Stuck RTC …

[All Fixes] Discord Voice Connection Issues – No …

If you’re facing the voice connection issues only with one or two friends, then geography may be the issue! Voice connection issues like no route, RTC, and ICE happen when the server is in a different geographical location. The solution to this problem is to ask the server admin to change the voice region settings. To change server settings:

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What does RTC connecting mean on Discord, and how …

One of the most limiting issues that Discord users face is the Discord RTC Connecting No Route error. This is a voice connection issue which will often make it …


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